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fiamma - A Portuguese Passion

Situated on the periphery of Europe, Portugal has a long-standing coffee tradition. The old trading nation has been a coffee trade hub ever since colonial times and still has close ties with coffee producing countries like Brazil and Angola. Today, Portuguese roasters create delicious blends that pamper even the most demanding palates. Last but not least, coffee is an essential part of daily routine in Portugal. The traditional espresso, known as "bica", is served in the bar around the corner, enjoyed for breakfast, at noon and at night with colleagues, family and friends. It is this natural passion for coffee that inspires fiamma to create machines for a great coffee experience.

The morning "Galão" (comparable with a Latte) or the traditional espresso are often served with delicious pastry or snacks. A famous sweet is the "Pastel de Nata", an egg tart pastry that is currently conquering trendy coffee shops around the world. A breakfast classic is the "Torrada", stripes of buttered toast. Tasty all day long is the "Tosta mista", a hot ham-and-cheese panino.

For the bigger appetite, the Portuguese kitchen offers hearty snacks, such as the so-called nail on a plate ("prego no prato", a grilled steak with french fries and fried egg, or the "bifana", a steak sandwich. In the North, the "francesinha" is a beloved, but not very light snack: It is a meat and sausage loaded toast sandwich with melted cheese, egg and french fries in a spicy sauce.

Whether grilled meat, panini, toast or french fries - Portuguese snack favorites have clearly left their imprint on fiamma's catering line.