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Compass Dualboiler tours the world

Featuring 2 independent boilers, one for coffee water and one for water and steam, the Compass Dualboiler produces excellent espresso at all times, even in moments of peaking demands or after longer periods of inactivity. Its extraordinary capacity for steam and hot water production makes it the perfect machine for coffee shops and bars that serve lots of cappuccino and tea.

"In the more demanding markets, technology and design are key factors for a brand's success, so we chose a renowned Italian design agency for this project", explains Pedro Serra, fiamma's General Manager.

'Italian Design, Lusitanian Spirit" is the signature line for the new Compass models. "The dualboiler system is less complex than a multiboiler system, offering the same temperature stability, which is a huge advantage for users and roasters", affirms José Ribeiro, head of I&D, who divides his time between fiamma's headquarters in Aveiro and the company's I&D lab in Italy.

fiamma, that celebrates 39 years of history in making coffee machines this year, chose a global launch for the Compass Dualboiler. Presentations at trade shows, corporate events and trainings at fiamma's distributors all over the world have been held in places as different as Milan, London, Paris, Hamburg, Moscow, São Paulo, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipeh, Shanghei, Guangzhou and Seoul.

"It's a machine with unique characterics, different from the conventional technology. That's why we opted for a calm and sound pre-launch phase, focussing on training our distributors. We now have our sales network ready for installing and servicing the new machines", says Pedro Serra.

The new Compass Dualboiler is now available for sale at official fiamma distributors or through coffee producers that work with fiamma.

Because behind every great taste, there's always a fiamma!