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1977: It all began with a battery charger

In the summer of 1977, the first battery charger for the automotive industry left the newly founded factory. The young entrepreneurs knew the charger would sell well - and in fact, they sold very well. In allusion to their first product, the founders called their company "RST", referring to the electric phases R, S and T.

From electric components to espresso coffee

Over coffee with an Italian friend, Nelson Serra, one of the founders, had a great inspiratoin. The coffee culture has deep roots in Portugal, but all espresso machines were made in Italy. Why not start a Portuguese machine? Nelson Serra and his friends were young, inspired and determinded: In 1980, the production of espresso machines had kicked off. fiamma was born.

Conquering Portugal

The fiamma espresso machines were an immediate success. From small coffee shops to sophisticated cafés, roasters to hotel chains - the market seemd to have been waiting for fiamma's machines. At the end of the 80ies, fiamma was already at the top of espresso machine market in Portugal.


Starting from a production of excelling coffee machines, it is a short step into the production of small catering equipments to accompany the machines. Deeply influenced by local culinary traditions, fiamma's catering production started with contact grills and toasters - perfect to prepare "torradas" (buttered toast) that accompany many morning coffees in Portugal or "tostas mistas", the hot ham-and-cheese sandwiches.


What makes fiamma successful? It's quality, we say. From the first hour on, fiamma's founder have been insisting product reliability. Maybe this dedication to quality roots from the experience in the demanding automotive sector. However, this corporate characteristic was officially recognized when fiamma become on of the first Portuguese companies to achieve the Quality Certification ISO 9000 in 1993.

Going global

Although fiamma equipment had already sold abroad, fiamma's first exhibition at the HOST fair in Milan was a mile stone for the company's internationalization. Ever since that fall, fiamma has been exploring and investing into new markets all over the world. Today, fiamma is present in more than 60 countries in all 5 continents.